Complete Blood Count (CBC) Beta

The Simagis Live web application provides Complete Blood Count (CBC) analysis of the blood sample from single image, image collection or digital slides of the Romanovsky-stained Blood Film (stained peripheral blood smear). Analysis results include: RBC, Retic, nRBC, Platelets, WBC, Neutrophils, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils, Basophils, Hct, MCV, RDW, RDW-SD. Application can work with magnifications 60-100x and features auto-detection of monolayer on digital slide and adaptive cell recognition for various imaging conditions.



Digital Microscopy Image of Romanovsky-stained Blood Film (stained peripheral blood smear). Magnification: 40-100X.

Blood films are made by placing a drop of blood on one end of a slide, and using a spreader slide to disperse the blood over the slide's length. Properly prepared slide should have a region called a monolayer, where the cells are spaced far enough apart to be counted and differentiated. More Information

Application can process the following types of data:

  • Single microscopy Images
  • Whole Digital Slide 

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