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Smart Imaging Technologies Co. provides enterprise software for automated image analysis for industrial, biomedical and scientific applications that is used by major corporations and small companies across the globe. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the discovery process by providing complete solutions that work.

Accelerating Discoveries

At Smart Imaging Technologies we understand that most of our clients need solutions to specific and often unique problems - solutions that work. Our goal is to maximize the value of imaging while minimizing the cost and risks of software installation. 

We provide not only a set of unique and capable software tools and technologies, but also complete out-of-the-box solutions and applications for specific image analysis problems.

Our Expertise

Creating a complete software solution requires combination of skills, including a comrehensive understanding of the subject matter, mathematical algorithmization, and software development. These skills are all critical to success, and it is unlikely that all are represented in the typical R&D team.

Our international scientific team includes PhDs from the areas of Material Science, Life Science, computational modeling, mathematical analysis, metallurgy and other experts who can analyze the problem and find the optimum solution.

Our best-in-class program developers provide advanced applications quickly and efficiently, and our experienced management team can deliver projects with the assurance of quality results while meeting challenging deadlines.

We also rely on our network of scientific advisors and strategic partners to enhance our in-house expertise and together bring new solutions to the market.

Our Software

Our software products are specifically engineered to enable analysis automations, data analysis and fast solution development . It combines a robust, flexible platform with preconfigured "building blocks" for advanced functions. SIT solutions provide a highly visual presentation of processes and results that our clients share across organization.

Our Service

At Smart Imaging Technologies we proudly stand by our policy of guaranteed unconditional satisfaction. We thrive on challenges, and view them as an opportunity to present our strengths. W view the entire solution as the true measure of success and satisfaction. We provide advice and support to ensure that our solutions work and integrate smoothly through the entire work proces, from sample preparation to statistical analysis of results.

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