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Seamless Integration

Connect your scanners in 5 minues or less

Seamless integration is key for productivity in a busy lab. Our Simagis Live Digital Pathology platform is built from the ground up with integration in mind. Our servers can work seamlessly with the imaging and software tools from different vendors, making connections and streaming images behind the scenes. We support digital slides from major manufacturers and provide integration modules for drag and drop upload from the desktop. With Simagis Live, a digital slide can be uploaded to a web server automatically, with a single click.


Tested and Certified Integration Options

Slide Scanners Slide Scanners

Microscope Automation Kits Microscope Automation Kits

  • Märzhäuser Wetzlar
  • Objective Imaging
  • Prior Scientific

Image Analysis Software Image Analysis Software

  • Image J
  • Ilastik

Cameras Cameras

  • Jenoptik
  • Lumenera 

Integration with some third party hardware and software may require custom configuration of Simagis Live Workspace.

Don's see your equipment? We can add it.

If you have integration questions or custom integration needs, please contact our team. You may find our custom integration services to be surprisingly affordable.

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No Scanner? No Problem

If you don't have scanner, you can use any provider of slide scanning services from our partner network to digitize your tissue slides. Contact provider of your choice directly to get your slides scanned. When placing order simple specify that you want your slides to be uploaded to Simagis Live platform and we will take care of the rest. See the map of our slide scanning service providers

API  for Integration

For our integration partners we provide convenient API interface which allows easy integration with LIS, and other software systems. Contact us for details.