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What are my service options ?

With Simagis Live, you have two general choices:

  • Shared Hosting - your slides are stored on a shared server along with other users.
  • Private Server - your slides are stored on separate physical server that is provisioned exclusively for your organization.

Learn more about hosting options.

How do I get started?

For shared hosting, it takes 3-5 minutes to set up a new Simagis Live account, and another 5-15 minutes to connect your scanner for fast slide upload.

For a private server provisioning process takes 1-2 weeks for set up to be completed. Your slides will be temporarily stored on a shared server  and moved to your private server once it is ready. 

How do I upload slides?

You need to install and configure a small piece of Simagis Live software called Turbo Upload Utility. The process takes 5-15 minutes. After set up is complete, you can upload slides with our simple drag-and-drop feature, or your can set up auto upload folder, from which slides will be uploaded automatically.

How long does it take to upload a slide?

It usually takes 1-3 minutes to upload an average slide on a typical Internet connection. Average slide size is 100MB for a typical 20X slide with 25X JPEG compression. Typical connection speed is 3-5Mbs upstream for a typical small business Internet service from a local cable provider.

What digital slide formats do you support?

  • Aperio .svs
  • Leica .scn
  • Zeiss .tif
  • Ventana / BioImagine (.tif , jp2)
  • BigTiff
  • General image formats 

What if I don't have scanner, can you scan slides for me?

No scanner? No problem! We can set you up with one of our scanning providers for a low flat fee, starting at $3/slide

How long does it take to assemble slides to cases?

No time at all. Our system can create cases and assemble slides automatically.


Do I need to install software to view my slides?

No software, no plug-ins or add-ons are needed. With Simagis Live, all you need is a web browser to view your slides on Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, or iPhone.

Can I annotate my slides?

Yes. With our live markers, your annotations are instantly visible to all viewers.

Can I catalog my slides and cases?

Yes, with available database module you can add categories and attributes to your slides and create powerful knowledge bases with search and navigation options. 

Can I attach PDF or other documents to slide or case?

Yes, with just 2 mouse clicks.

How can I share a slide?

You have 3 Options:

  • Create Permalink to live view (great for including live images in web pages or PDF reports)
  • Create shared link to a slide (great for sharing occasional slide with strangers via IM or email )
  • Invite somebody to your workspace (great for collaboration with your overseas research team) 

Can I manage my server?

Yes, with Private Server you have complete administration rights. You can manage users, workspaces, control security options and run access audit logs to see who does what on your server.

Do you have Image Analysis?

Yes, in fact we have an App Store where you pick an application and apply it to your image. We have own and third party Apps for IHC, Hematology, and other uses. And we can build custom Apps too, often within days.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on your choices, we can offer plans for per slide, per month, per GB or per server. See our hosting options and contact us for details, you may be pleasantly surprised how affordable digital pathology may be.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely, you can sign up for free account any time.

How safe is my data?

In our Data Centers we provide levels of security exceeding current regulations and above the levels of most in-house server rooms.

  • Physical Location and Security: Our Data Centers are Level 3 US-based secure data facilities with restricted access and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Data Protection: Your data is stored on dedicated private physical server, on redundant fault-tolerant arrays with redundant power, cooling and continuous proactive data consistency monitoring. We get notifications and fix problems before they happen.
  • Network Security: On request we can install SSL certificates for bank-level encrypted access and set up Virtual Private Network if you want to restrict access to your server from the outside of your organization (applicable to Private Servers only)

If I stop the service can get my digital slides back?

Yes, the data is still yours. If you stop the service we will send your data back to your (shipping charges will apply)

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