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Histo Stain

Solution allows selection of up to three object types on stain slide image. Objects are selected using their color parameters. Solution allows selecting, separating and filtering objects that belong to a selected type. Number of objects and their size distribution are determined. Results are presented in tabular format.


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Train classifier on your desktop

  • Use the free ilastik point-and-click interface to train classifier for your object recognition. Learn more about using ilastic software and download latest version at
  • Export your ilastic classifier to .h5 file. Now you are ready to use classifier for high performance image analysis in your Simagis Live Workspace.

Run analysis on server

  • Upload single image, image folder or whole digital slide to your workspace.
  • Get Smart Touch Application from the App Store and Apply it to your image.
  • Upload classifier (.h5) file to your Smart Touch Application.
  • Select your filtering and other post-processing options.
  • Run analysis on your images, view object overlays and download measurement results.
  • Save your settings, so they can be used by you or other users invited to your workspace.

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