Partnerships and OEM

If you are a manufacturer of imaging equipment, integrator or service provider, we make it easy to add cloud integration to your hardware or software, so you can deliver web sharing features to your customers.

Our products are designed from the start for seamless integration and custom branding. We can provide you a custom-branded private cloud server, so every one of your customers or prospects can have a free or paid account on your private cloud network. You can use your private cloud to demo your images, stay in touch with your customers, understand what they do, build user communities, foster lasting relations, and offer additional products and services when your customers need them.

We also provide a number of easy options that allow integration with your equipment with just a few lines of code for seamless upload and server connection. You can use this connection to monitor status of your equipment, provide remote support and push software updates.

For our business partners we provide:

  • Custom-branded servers with your colors, names and logos, server administration and user management.
  • Dedicated and shared hosting on High Performance Cloud or custom-sized and built servers for local installations.
  • Integrated support for your image formats
  • Integration with your software for single click upload and sharing.
  • Remote management of your servers for hustle-free maintenance.
  • Personalized dedicated support

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