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Smart Touch

Web Application for image analysis based on interactive machine learning uses "Random Forest" machine learning algorithms and works with classifiers created by Ilastic - free Interactive Learning and Segmentation software. Smart Touch can analyze images and digital slides of any size.


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Train classifier on your desktop

  • Use the free ilastik point-and-click interface to train classifier for your object recognition. Learn more about using ilastic software and download latest version at
  • Export your ilastic classifier to .h5 file. Now you are ready to use classifier for high performance image analysis in your Simagis Live Workspace.

Run analysis on server

  • Upload single image, image folder or whole digital slide to your workspace.
  • Get Smart Touch Application from the App Store and Apply it to your image.
  • Upload classifier (.h5) file to your Smart Touch Application.
  • Select your filtering and other post-processing options.
  • Run analysis on your images, view object overlays and download measurement results.
  • Save your settings, so they can be used by you or other users invited to your workspace.

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